About Wingbat

So who is Wingbat?

Wingbat is an OC (Original Character) which I created when I started commissioning stories that demanded more than the anonymous males or floaty dicks that are often used in art commissions. I didn’t have that one canon character that I “shipped” Laura with, so it seemed like the best solution, and it also came with the bonus of being a character I had control over and could create stories around that would never get undermined by what Marvel was doing.

He started out with just a barebones bio/profile that gave an insight into his personality and background, and then I invited the writers I commissioned to drop him into their stories and develop him further. Physically he’s described as being 5’11” with dark hair and grayish blue eyes, and while different artists have drawn him quite differently, his “look” has homogenized over time. At one point he was also given a tattoo referencing his X-Men codename “Wingbat”, which is best described as batwings with an X in the middle.

Going a bit more into detail, his real name is Christian Aangher, although friends usually just call him Chris. He’s European, the X-men being a global unit, but is fluent in English although sometimes there’s the slightest hint of an unplaceable accent. I sometimes allow commissioned artists and writers freedom to give him a mutant power that they’d like to play around with so it’s not set in stone. So far, though, he usually has the mutant ability to change his size.

Wingbat was intentionally made out to not be too powerful or influential as I don’t enjoy over-the-top “Mary Sue” characters and underdog/fish-out-of-water stories are much more interesting anyway. As a result, he usually appears as a fairly new student, rather anonymous in the grand scheme of the X-Men, to the point that you could almost imagine him being one of the low-profile students that never really get to do anything in the comics or movies.