About X-23

Who or what is X-23?

X-23 (Laura Kinney) is a Marvel character and member of the X-men. She was cloned from the DNA of Wolverine by a Weapon X facility for the purpose of creating the perfect assassin they could use as a weapon. The name refers to the fact that the first 22 cloning attempts failed because the DNA sample was damaged, but they finally succeeded on the 23rd attempt because they got around the problem by making the clone female. She was given the name Laura by the lead scientist of the project, Dr. Sarah Kinney, who was also her surrogate mother, and sort of her adoptive mother, and maybe possibly also something of a biological mother as it’s a bit unclear if she mixed some of her own DNA in with the damaged sample from Wolverine. Laura certainly seems to have gotten her looks from Sarah.

She shares the same powers as Wolverine; retractable adamantium claws, healing factor and enhanced senses. There are a couple of differences, though. While Wolverine has three claws in each hand, Laura only has two. But she also has a claw in each foot, something Wolverine does not. In addition, while Wolverine’s entire skeleton is coated in adamantium, only Laura’s claws are coated in the same material. While this makes her less robust, it also makes her lighter and gives her a more powerful healing factor as Wolverine’s healing is slowed due to adamantium poisoning from all the additional adamantium in his body.

X-23 is by far my favorite fictional character and when I started commissioning comic book art, she featured in all of them. Then one day I came across the Hentai Foundry website and all the artists creating wonderful, sexy, erotic, lewd art. When I decided to commission them, Laura was again the easy choice for subject matter.