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Chapter 4: Culmination

As they headed into the room, Laura un-crumpled the notes she had torn down, frowning as she looked down at Jubilee’s overly enthusiastic ‘advice.’

“You don’t have to pay any attention to her,” said Chris, who had abandoned all pretence of not having seen the notes and was now reading it over her shoulder. “I think we did pretty well making it this far.”

“True,” Laura said and balled up the paper again, throwing it into the waste paper bin with the sort of precision that would make pro basketball players green with envy. “However, if I had not listened to her, we would not have made it this far to begin with.”

Chris didn’t have a comeback for that. He shrugged instead, which didn’t help since Laura wasn’t looking in his direction.

“She will yell at us if we do not comply,” she continued.

He couldn’t help but chuckle. “Are you trying to say something without saying it?”

She paused a little before turning around and answering. “Maybe.” Another pause. “Yes.” Another pause. “Quickly. Before I lose my nerve.”

It was as good as they were going to get, he figured. But despite her words, he still felt he needed to take it slow as to not startle her. He placed one hand on her hip and stepped closer, until he could feel the heat radiating from her body. Laura did not step back, but looked away.

“But… I have little experience with… kissing.”

Less than she had with sex, when she thought about it. And still most of the sex she had had probably bore little resemblance to this kind of thing.

“Me neither,” he admitted. He coughed a little, and added. “We could practice?”

She made a small noise that might have been laughter. “That would be helpful.”

She turned her head back towards him. This close, she had to tilt her chin up to meet his gaze.

“I feel… nervous,” she admitted. “It is unsettling.”

Despite that, she put her hands on his hips, lightly.

Fuck it, Chris thought, and slid his hand in behind her, pulling her towards him until they were pressed together and bent down to brush her lips with his own before either of them could change their minds.

They both stepped back, looking away.

“Not bad… for a first attempt?” he tried.

“Unacceptable,” she objected. “We need more practice.”

Before he could think of a comeback, she fisted her hands in the lapels of his jacket and yanked him closer, rising on her toes and tilting her head up again. He couldn’t do much other than accept the challenge.

It lasted longer this time.

“Still no good?” he wondered, later, feeling a bit breathless. She shook her head.

“It seems it will take some getting used to.”

She pulled harder on his jacket.

The next time, he felt her lips part and her tongue, small and wet and hot, prodded him. He allowed it for a moment, before responding in kind.

That was even more awkward. Both of them raised a hand to wipe their chins when they parted.

“More practice?” he asked.


The next attempt went a little better. He had both arms around her waist, and she arched her back so she could let her body press against his and still manage a kiss. It was less direct than it had been in the Danger Room – her arms were still caught between them, her hands holding on to his jacket – but the kiss more than made up for that. Even if they were just awkwardly poking at each other, it was still far more than an accidental tumble – and unlike that tumble, didn’t leave them both scrambling for cover once they realized what they were doing.

At least not the first couple of times. If he hadn’t known, he might have missed the light pressure against his thigh, might have thought that was just as far as she was willing to go on a first date – but with Jubilee’s warning in mind, he had no doubt what the reason was when Laura pulled back, looking away.

“Perhaps that is enough for now,” she said, brow furrowing.

He pondered his options. He could just pretend he hadn’t noticed anything and say good night – they had gone further than he had expected already. But that left the issue unsolved, and who knew when they’d get another chance to resolve it? It would, he decided, be better to get it over and done with. Not just for his sake, but for hers as well. Make it or break it, at least she’d be able to stop worrying that he’d find out.

“Look… Jubilee told me everything,” he said. Laura drew a quick breath and froze, half turned away. He realized he hadn’t thought far enough ahead, and hesitated.

“We’re mutants, right?” he managed after a moment. “Some of us look a little different. Hell, I can think of at least three people on the team who have been varying shades of blue. Some have been able to turn to stone or metal, there’s a guy out there with a tongue longer than he is, I’ve seen people with tails, wings and more than one set of arms… When you think about it, it’s not such a big deal. Just another day for a mutant, yeah?”

Laura made an indeterminate noise. “That easy?”

He shrugged. “I don’t see why not. It’s not as if it’s something I haven’t seen before. Might be a bit harder if you had blue fur, but… you can get used to a lot if you try.”

She still didn’t seem convinced. He couldn’t blame her, exactly. Words could be cheap. But then, what more could he do? Just grabbing her crotch was out of the question – even if she hadn’t been capable of kicking his ass in response, even if she hadn’t been able to skewer him on those claws.

He had done what he could. She would have to answer.

Laura seemed to come to the same conclusion.

“Then prove it.”

She turned back to look at him, jaw set with determination. “Look at me and tell me that again.”

“I mean it,” he said, but she shook her head.

“All of me. If you can look at my body and tell me the same thing, I…”

“I will,” he insisted, and noticed somewhere in the back of his head that he wasn’t even thinking about sex. He knew she had a great body – he had wanted to see her naked for months, had wanted to run his hands over her, wanted to lick and kiss her all over – but right now he was more interested in convincing her to stop being so… down. He couldn’t really sense what she was feeling, if it was fear of rejection, disgust at herself, or something else, but it was undoubtedly bothering her and he wanted it to stop.

“Can I help you?”

Her expression softened. “My dress is… tied in the back,” she said, quieter now. He nodded and went around so he could get a good look at it.

Even after everything that had been said, he couldn’t help but feel turned on by the sight of her back criss-crossed with thin black straps that hid nothing. He couldn’t see any bra straps either.

Her back was a familiar enough sight. He had sat behind her in classes before, after all, and he had certainly checked her out when he had a chance. But there was still a huge difference between seeing her like that, clothed and with her hair down, and seeing her like this, with every perfect curve and line on display. The graceful arch of her spine, the subtle but firm outlines of muscles – it was the sexiest back he had ever seen.

But this wasn’t the time to stare, nor was it the time to start fondling her, as tempting as it might be. He shook his head and reached for the knot, behind her neck, where it would have been covered by her hair if she let it down. It came loose easily enough, and he pulled at the cloth, loosening it around her chest.

Soon it seemed open enough, and Laura stepped away. She paused, taking a few deep breaths, before grabbing the garment by the shoulders and pulling, quickly yanking it down until she could let go and allow it to fall on the floor. Whatever underwear had been underneath went down with the dress, leaving her with nothing but her shoes – flat, simple and sensible.

He bit his tongue, again trying not to stare too hard, even though she couldn’t see what he was doing. But holy shit, it was hard. With her behind now bare and turned in his direction, he practically had to slap himself to keep his eyes and hands under control. Her back was great, but Laura had the most perfect ass he had ever seen. He had known that from the first time he caught grainy cell phone footage of her online. The guy with the phone had certainly appreciated it too.

He bit harder. Damn it, that could wait. For now, he had other things to worry about. So did she.

Laura remained still, tense. It didn’t last long, but it felt like it did, for both of them.

Finally she turned, folding her arms over her chest, head half turned to the side, stubbornly looking away. Leaving the entirety of her body on display.

Despite the sight of her breasts pushed into an inviting cleavage by her arms, his eyes were drawn to the obvious… other thing.

Up until now, he still hadn’t known entirely if he believed her. Now he could have no doubt. She had a cock – there was no other way to put it. Soft, now, and hanging maybe a third of the way down her sleek, shapely thighs. It hid what lay beneath, but it looked as if it wasn’t that her clitoris had grown into a penis, but rather, it seemed to sit above where the clit would be. Fully flaccid, it was bigger than his in the same state – it looked like she was more of a shower than a grower.

Despite everything he had said, he still hadn’t been entirely certain about it. He was a guy, after all – a straight guy. He should be providing all the penis a relationship could possibly need. But looking at Laura’s body, he couldn’t help but feel curious, want to explore it for himself – even if it meant putting his hands on someone else’s dick.

No, that wasn’t right either. He wanted to explore her body, and it was obviously part of her. He had somehow imagined it looking more rough, looking out of place, but it didn’t look more artificial on her than it did on him. It was surprisingly easy to accept it as just another limb.

“You can leave,” she said flatly, without looking at him. “I won’t say anything.”

“I could.”

But he didn’t, and after several moments Laura turned her head back towards him, enough to catch a glimpse out of the corner of her eyes.

“Like I said, it’s not as if I’ve never seen one before. It’s staring me in the face every time I wake up in the morning.”

Laura glared. He shrugged. Her expression turned wry, but the corners of her mouth twitched up.

“You mean it.”

“You’re having a really hard time believing it.”

Her lips became a thin line. “I have seen…”

“A lot of bad shit,” he interrupted, because there were places the conversation did not need to go. “But it’s not all bad shit. You’re beautiful, okay?”

She twitched, but smiled long enough that he could catch it before her expression turned neutral again.

“That is… nice to hear,” she said, voice low. “Say it again.”

He did, and before she could say anything else he stepped up and kissed her again. This time he did run his hands over her back, and when she failed to pull away or show any kind of displeasure, lower, filling his palms with the gloriously firm mounds of her ass.

Laura didn’t seem to object, even when she felt him grow hard in his pants – she couldn’t help but feel it, pressed against him as she was. If anything, she pushed her stomach against him, making him wince as his erection strained against both the fabric and her body.

After a while she broke his grip and looked up through her lashes with a small, coy smile. “Do you like this shirt?”

He shook his head. “It can go.”

Her arms rippled as she yanked the front open, scattering buttons on the floor. Without a pause, she pushed both the ruined shirt and the jacket off his shoulders and threw them behind her, leaving him naked from the waist up. Her shoes followed, easily kicked off.

Unlike Laura, Chris’ own mutation did nothing to enhance his physical abilities, but he was no slouch – without enhanced strength or durability, he couldn’t afford to slouch – and Laura seemed to approve of what she saw, leaning in to nuzzle his chest, and he felt her cock stir against his thigh. She ran her fingers over his back and he responded in kind, tracing her spine down to her ass again and gripping her firmly there, pressing her harder against him. Laura made an amused noise and mirrored the gesture, digging her fingers into his buttocks through his pants. She made another noise, less amused, and he jumped as he heard the familiar noise of a claw popping from her hand.

“How about the belt?” she asked against his chest.

He told her he didn’t even give a single fuck, and she moved quickly. He felt the warm metal for a fraction of a second and then there was a cutting noise as it sliced through both cloth and synth-leather, leaving his pants ruined and barely staying up.

“Off,” she demanded, and stepped back.

He barely had to make an effort – the only thing holding them up was his erection trying to burst through the zipper. He bent down quickly, getting rid of both shoes and remaining clothes and tossed them after his jacket and shirt before looking up.

Even with Laura naked already, he felt a bit awkward standing there with his cock at attention, wide open for scrutiny. But Laura licked her lips, teeth glinting in a grin.

Then she was pressing herself up against him again, trapping his cock at an angle to the side, pressing against her right hip.

“Touch me,” she said.

“I’m touching.” He tightened his grip on her buttocks and she pushed back for a moment, hips rolling just once.

“There is more to me than that.”

“Yeah. Uh. How about this?”

He (somewhat reluctantly) slid his right hand down a bit, easing his middle finger in between her thighs. She was warm, soft and… slick, he realized.

Laura purred. “Better.” He realized he could feel her nipples against his stomach, two little hard bumps rubbing against him in the middle of the softness of her breasts. Her cock was stiffening noticeably, too, pressed against his thigh. He knew that reaction well enough – it meant he was doing something right. He added another finger between her legs, massaging gently. He knew the anatomy well enough, but it felt a bit strange touching it without being able to see what he was doing. His fingers were stroking her outer labia but that was about as far as he dared go right now.

She might have sensed his hesitation, or maybe she just felt like a change, because she pulled away after a little while, drawing a deep breath and allowing him another look at her body and how it had… changed since the last time. Her chest was flushed, and her nipples were hard, as he had felt already. But it only distracted him for a moment before he had to look down at her crotch.

It was dawning on him that despite his earlier assumption, Laura sure as hell was not a shower. Even fully erect, her cock was longer than his, and he had always thought he was pretty well endowed, and just about as thick. It was a bit intimidating… but then again, so was Laura, even before he found out that she had extra parts. And she was absolutely, stunningly beautiful with her clothes off and every inch of her slender, athletic body on display.

“What?” she asked, sounding a bit defensive.

“It’s pretty impressive,” he managed and, because it seemed like she needed reassurance, gestured towards her crotch. “Can I…”

She nodded quickly. “Please.” Her tone was mild again, a bit relieved.

Hell with it, he thought, and resolutely wrapped his fingers around her shaft.

It felt a lot like grabbing his own dick, without the sensation of being grabbed. Soft skin on top, easily sliding over the hardness underneath. Laura made a soft noise as he squeezed her.

It felt awkward, much the same way rubbing her pussy from behind had felt awkward. Not bad, just unfamiliar, despite the familiarity. It shouldn’t be much different from masturbating, but when he did that he could feel the pressure from both ends, and he realized that it was much more dependent on the sensation from his cock than his hand – when it felt better to squeeze, when it felt better to loosen his grip.

He gave her an experimental stroke from the base to just under the head. It seemed like she grew even harder at the friction, shaft curving slightly up where it had just been standing straight out. She rolled her hips in response, hands fisting at her sides as she met his strokes.

Still, something felt off, and he realized what it was.

Laura looked questioning as he let go. He gave her a smile, and put his hands on her hips, turning her around, then pulling her in close before wrapping his hand around her cock again.

He had to chuckle. With his own cock trapped between his stomach and her back, it was an astoundingly familiar sensation. His hand may be wrapped around another cock, and the pressure on his own might be coming from another source, but this would work.

“Better angle,” he said as he resumed his stroking. It was almost automatic now, muscle memory handling most of it. Still not quite the same, but he was confident.

Laura made a noise of amusement, clearly understanding what he was getting at. She pressed her back harder against him, squirming and rolling his shaft between them.

“Can you go lower?” she asked, reaching behind her and grasping his hips, pulling down.

He did, spreading his legs and sinking down, and Laura rose on her toes to meet him, until he could feel the cleft of her ass squeeze the lower part of his cock.

Laura maintained her grip, making sure he was firmly pressed against the firm mounds, and he gripped her hip with his left hand, pulling in kind as his right sped up.

It was too much. He couldn’t stand still like this. And Laura did not seem surprised as he began to rock his hips against her, grinding his cock against her ass as he stroked her impressive length.

Soon she was rocking her own hips as well, meeting the movements of his cock and hand. Emboldened, he let his left hand slide up across her flat, rippling stomach and ribs and cupped her left breast. That put her nipple between his middle and index fingers, and he squeezed it between them as he kneaded the soft flesh. She made a noise he was pretty sure was appreciative, and her hips faltered in their movement for a moment before continuing.

Five seconds ago, he wouldn’t have believed it was possible, but that little lapse was every bit as hot as the sensation of her ass grinding against his cock.

Laura was calm, precise, and in control. But that control had slipped. He had made it slip.

He had to do it again.

Both hands squeezed a little harder, the right concentrating on the tip of her cock, index finger rubbing the underside of the head, right where it was the most sensitive. She was wet and slick there, too – it felt a lot like it had between her legs, when he thought about it.

Laura’s body undulated against him. He could feel her breathing faster, but she kept her pace now, still in control. He went faster, rapidly pumping his right hand and rolling her nipple between his fingers, tugging and squeezing at her breast.

Laura’s endurance may be superhuman, but even that eventually began to falter. First there was a hint of unsteadiness, she trembled in an effort to remain up on her toes. Then the movements of her hips changed, trying less to massage his cock behind her and more to meet his strokes in front. Her back tensed against his chest and stomach, relaxed and tensed again. The hot wetness dribbling from the tip of her cock dripped from his knuckles. With every stroke, her body grew more tense – and then finally she slammed her head back against his shoulder and went rigid as her cock throbbed in his grip.

He almost joined her, just from the sensation of her body shaking against him as she came, long and hard, sending jet after jet of cum spurting against the wall in front of them and dripping on the floor. It seemed like it would never end, and he was still disappointed when it did and she slumped, cock softening in his hand, heels thumping on the floor, barely managing to stay upright.

He wrapped his arms around her and didn’t even care how hard his own cock still was, pinned between them as it was. Even with the evidence right in front of him, both on the wall and in Laura’s hot, sweat-glistening body pressed against him, he could barely wrap his head around the idea that Holy fucking shit, I just made Laura Kinney orgasm, this is the best day ever.

One thing was for damn sure, it definitely beat any and all wet dreams he would never admit he’d had about this.

As he flailed about in his head, Laura rolled her shoulders and purred contentedly. Her hands had let go of his hips somewhere during all that, but now she reached back again and grabbed his ass.

“That was nice,” she said, warm-sounding.

“Practice,” he croaked, cleared his throat, and added, “Thanks.”

She chuckled – the most amusement he had ever heard out of her, he thought – and pulled away, treating him to an incredible show as she stretched, working the orgasmic lethargy from her body.

Then she turned, smiling.

“My turn?”

That could mean any number of things. His gaze was drawn to her cock, which was already visibly hardening again. But she pulled it aside and pulled her right leg up and to the side, giving him a glimpse of darker pink further down.


He realized he was nodding. Her smile became a grin and she walked up to the closest bed and knelt on top of it, pushing her ass out invitingly. “Like this?”

“Uh,” he managed, already taking the first step towards her. He couldn’t blame her for figuring out he had a thing for her ass, he hadn’t been trying to hide it, but she was certainly taking advantage of the fact!

He was still curious, however, so instead of jumping directly on her, he pushed gently on her shoulders, easing her down on all fours so he could get a closer look at her female bits.

Not just a look, either. He ran a finger over the puffy outer labia, warm and soft and very, very slick. Her inner lips were deeper pink and judging by the way she stiffened when he brushed his finger between them, more sensitive as well. His initial assessment had been correct, as well – she definitely had a clit on top, under her cock. Much smaller, positively tiny compared to her male organ, but looking stiff and sensitive and inviting. Before he knew he was doing it, he brushed the tip of his finger against its tip and Laura drew a sharp hissing breath, then reached down and pulled his hand away.

“Later,” she said, a bit breathless. “Inside, now.”

He pulled out of her grip and took hold of his cock instead, putting a knee up on the bed and aiming the tip between those slick folds. He rubbed it against her, up and down until he could feel the opening towards the back, and pushed.

Laura pushed back.

Both of them groaned as the tip of his cock entered her.

Fuck, he thought, that’s hot. Not in the way he expected, although it certainly was that too, but hot as in warm.

“Deeper,” she demanded, and tightened around him.

Groaning even louder this time, he continued to push, allowing her wet, hot cunt to envelop him.

It was unbearable. By the time he was fully hilted inside, hips pressing up against her ass again, spots were dancing before his eyes. And Laura, seemingly unconcerned, rolled her hips slowly, interior muscles kneading his cock. Even if he hadn’t been getting worked up grinding against her earlier, the sensation would have been overwhelming.

Biting his lip, he began to move, determined to do his best – but only a couple of thrusts later it was obvious that he wasn’t going to last.

Pulling Laura up, hands groping her breasts, he pumped his cock inside her as slowly as he could bear, wincing at the way her flesh slipped and slid against his, every movement filling his head with static.

He wasn’t sure how long it took – certainly a lot less than it had taken for Laura – before he had to surrender. Groaning, ramming his hips against her with a smack, he clutched her to his chest as he came inside her, cock twitching and spurting inside the snug embrace of her cunt, and Laura only kept rolling her hips as he shook and gasped against her shoulder, coming harder than he could remember ever doing before.

Still it didn’t last as long as Laura’s orgasm had, and he slumped, leaning on her. She grabbed him by the arms and easily rolled them over, putting him on his back with his legs over the side of the bed and her on top.

She allowed him to recover for a bit before she sat up and pulled herself off his now half softened cock, gracefully turning around and wrapping her fingers around its slippery length, coated in their mingled juices.

She looked up at his stunned expression and smiled, fingers slowly working. First one hand, then both, trying to coax him back to full hardness.

She had a highly unfair disadvantage, he thought, groaning at the sensation. He was still sensitive, but had recovered enough that it was bearable. Sure, he could get it up again – but he had a sneaking suspicion she could get it up a lot more, and a lot faster.

Watching Laura fondle his cock might be almost as good as a healing factor of his own, though. She had sexy hands – fuck, every part of her was sexy, he knew that already, but even then she kept surprising him. Everything she did was better than he could have imagined.

Right hand squeezing the shaft, her left went further down and started stroking his balls. He winced, feeling somewhat vulnerable like that, but the grip was loose and gentle, and it didn’t feel bad at all.

But she wasn’t stopping there.

His eyes widened as she started kneading the area below his sack, massaging the internal parts of his shaft. That felt even better, and he could feel his erection return, the sensation growing stronger, more electric as his body got on the tracks to another orgasm.

She wasn’t stopping there, either.

He jumped as he felt one finger, small and light, rub slippery against his asshole, and raised his head, looking down at what she was doing.

Her expression had not changed.

“Do you think you could take me?” she asked, finger making it painfully obvious what she meant. And of course that was the big question. The very big question. For more than one reason.

“I… I dunno,” he said before he could really think about it. “You’re kind of… big.”

Laura nodded, still without a change in her expression – it seemed she was not taking that as rejection, at least. After all, it was the truth.

“Yes,” she said, finger remaining where it was, circling, feeling weirdly pleasurable.

“However, Jubilee indicated she found it enjoyable, despite her smaller size.” She averted her gaze, her cheeks pinkening a little. “I… enjoyed it very much, as well.”

For a moment he almost forgot about his impending doom as the image of Jubilee getting stuffed full of Laura’s cock flashed before his mind’s eye, and his own member stiffened even further in her grasp. But even that didn’t last long as he started to think about the rest of what she had said.

He couldn’t very well let Jubilee beat him, could he? Not when Laura so obviously wanted this.

Besides, he had resolved to appreciate Laura, all of Laura. Now he had a chance to prove it.

“Well… yeah, but… take it slowly. Some of us don’t have healing factors.”

“I will be careful,” she promised, and pushed a little harder with her finger. “Jubilee also said that ‘one finger, two fingers, three fingers, cock’ is a trope for a reason. I did not ask for clarification, but it seems like a logical progression.”

“It – probably involves sparkling vampires anyway,” he managed, voice strained, feeling his body try to resist that finger. But Laura was strong, and her fingers slender.

It didn’t feel all that bad, when it sank inside. Unfamiliar, but… knowing that it was part of Laura’s body going inside his made it hot, somehow.

That, and Laura’s expression. Aroused and eager, with her cheeks still flushed.

His cock twitched in her grip, growing a little harder still. She pumped it slowly and bent her head down, taking the glistening head between her lips and —

“Fuck!” he groaned as she tightened them around him and sucked.

Her lips popped off with a wet smack.

“Do you think you can get it up again?” she wondered, and ran her tongue along his shaft as she waited. He groaned, uncertain.

“Because,” she continued, “if I get to enjoy this –” She pushed a second finger inside alongside the first, and it slipped in surprisingly easily, making him gasp at the hot, filling, stretching sensation.

“– it is only fair that I repay the favour.”

“Bwuh,” he managed, blinking. His cock twitched, spilling a fat drop of precum down her fingers.

“Hell yeah,” he managed once his brain cooperated. “I can get it up for that.”

Laura smirked, and engulfed him in her mouth again, running lips and tongue over the sensitive parts underneath, teasing the slit and licking around the crown.

He was too busy enjoying it to notice the third finger she pushed inside him – and what he did notice was good, a hot, pleasurable stretching and a weird heat inside, unlike the sensations from his cock, which was already twitching and throbbing, dribbling precum all over her tongue and chin, dripping back down on the bed and his body.

Laura showed no mercy. She hollowed her cheeks sucking and lashed him over and over with her tongue, fingers turning and thrusting below, and he lasted no longer than he had the first time before he went rigid underneath her and his cock began to twitch and spurt. She thrust her head forward, swallowing him deeper than before and felt the heat of his cum flow down her throat as she worked him over with everything she had, continuing long after the cum was all spent, not letting him slip back out until she could feel him soften again.

Then she looked down at what she was doing.

Her fingers were wet enough with their fluids, but it would not hurt to be more thorough. She was kind of big, after all.

The lube Jubilee had brought – stolen – sat on the bedside table. For a moment she frowned – had it actually been there when they came in? – but it must have been, the school wasn’t haunted, and either way she had more important things to worry about.

One-handed, she flipped the cap open and squeezed a long, thick string of clear goo onto her aching hard cock. The fluid felt cool, despite being room tempered, but not unpleasantly so. It squelched between her fingers as she rubbed it all over herself, making sure every part was covered.

It would be a tight fit. He was certainly bigger than Jubilee, so she had thought it would be easier, but given how tight it was around her fingers, it might not be as easy as she imagined.

But she would not be deterred. She put the lube back on the table and aimed her cock right where she wanted it. “Ready?”

He stared up at the ceiling, breathing heavily, semi-hard cock swaying with every breath.

“Yeah, just – fuck, yeah, do it,” he said, sounding half choked.

She smiled, pulled her fingers out – and pushed her cock in.

It was thicker than her fingers. Considerably thicker.

The fact was not lost on either of them.

Laura because her cock strained against him, against the tight entrance just barely allowing the very tip of it past.

Chris because as prepared as he may be and as slick as her cock may be, that almost hurt – but he realized it would be worse if he tried to fight it, and he was not going to call it off now. Gritting his teeth, he did his best to relax, and slowly Laura’s cock stretched him as wide as he needed to be – and then, the stretching stopped and there was friction as she slid deeper, slowly, experimentally.

He looked down. Her eyes were squeezed shut, and she had her lower lip between her teeth. Her back was arched, pushing her modest, but shapely breasts out towards him and he reached down to get his hands on them, tugging at her little hard nipples – almost as if he wanted to tell her to push deeper.

Deeper she went, making him take almost half of her massive length before she began to pull out again, moaning lustfully at the sensations around her cock and nipples.

He echoed her as she pushed in again. The sensation he had felt when it was just her fingers was coming back, stronger, hotter. It was fucking weird. He knew it was supposed to feel good for a guy, prostate and everything, but it was as unexpected as the sensation of her cunt around his prick, or… anything else they had done, really.

“Deeper,” he grunted, pulling harder, and she thrust, actually thrust, going past the halfway mark and they both gasped at the sudden friction.

“Feels–” Laura breathed.

Good,” he filled in, feeling his entire torso tighten with the sensation.

She pushed. More of her cock disappeared inside him, and he could feel it rubbing up against things nothing had rubbed against before, disturbingly deep. He tightened his muscles, pulling his stomach in, trying to increase the pressure and the sensation intensified.

Laura noticed it too, head rolling back on her shoulders. Some of her hair had escaped the bun and several strands hung over her face, clinging to sweat-damp skin. Her body rolled and rippled, sliding her cock in and out, making the heat inside him build.

No matter how fast it built, Laura was getting there faster. She was gritting her teeth, breath hissing between them, movements growing faster and rougher. He kneaded her breasts harder in response and she growled, digging her fingers into his hips and thrusting harder, finally getting as deep as she could, and stopped, body tense and arched. He felt her twitch, and she made a short thrust, cock seeming slipperier than before. Then stopped and shuddered – thrust, stopped and shuddered, her cock rapidly twitching and spurting. Even harder than before, hard enough that he thought he could feel the jets of her cum inside, even longer, shaking and moaning, eyes rolling back as she lost herself in pleasure.

He didn’t remember doing it, but he had his legs around her hips, helping her hilt her throbbing cock with every orgasmic spasm, feeling her ass clench and shake as she quivered and came.

Then, slowly, she relaxed, and fell on top of him, still buried inside, cock softening only slightly.

He wrapped his arms around her and dug his fingers into her ass, rocking her slightly against his own, once more rock hard cock while shifting her shaft around inside him.

Laura drew a deep breath and looked up, pupils wide.

“Now, me,” she whispered, a hand sneaking in between them and grabbing his cock, squeezing hard. “Now.”

He could only nod.

She pulled out of his grip and slipped her cock free, then rolled over to the side and stopped on hands and knees, facing away from him.

As he watched, she arched her back and pushed her ass up, giving him a good look at where she wanted him.

Still aching from being fucked by her, he followed. Cum – Laura’s cum – dribbled down his thighs; he ignored it, pulling her closer and grinding his cock against the cleft of her ass. He could barely think straight.

“D’you want… lube, fingers, anything?” He managed to say. Laura hummed.

“Lube, maybe,” she decided, snatched it from the table and handed it to him. “Pour it on for me.”

He nodded, which was dumb because she wasn’t looking at him, and grunted approval instead. There wasn’t a lot of it left – it hadn’t been full when she first picked it up, and she had used a lot on herself earlier, but it should be enough.

He poured a generous gob of goo over her asshole, letting it trickle down, and stopped it from going further with a finger, wiping it up and smearing it around that small, tight hole. Even tighter than she looked, he found as he prodded her with his finger, trying to get inside.

“Harder,” she demanded, even though she seemed to tighten even more as he pushed.

But it was only a finger, so it slipped in with a little more work.

Fuck, that was tight.

“One more,” she growled. “Just one.”

He fucked her with that one finger for another few moments, boggling at the sight and sensation. How the hell was he going to fit anything more in there, let alone his cock? But Laura made an impatient sounding noise and he put his middle finger against her and pushed, slowly forcing it inside alongside the first.

Laura moaned.

He poured more lube onto his fingers before going deeper, turning his hand from side to side, spreading the goo and stretching her out.

Laura’s back arched, her ass clenching and she rammed herself back against his hand, taking both fingers as deep as they could go.

“Now,” she ordered. “Now.”

The last of the lube went on his cock, smeared in a thick layer all over his length. He squeezed the tube until nothing more would come out, then threw it back on the table. With the tips of his fingers still inside her, he positioned his cock against them and pushed as he pulled out, ramming the blunt head of his cock against that tight opening before it could close up.

It was harder than he had thought, his shaft bent with the effort of pushing it against her, and Laura groaned in a way that could have been pained, but she held still and arched out, and finally reached back to grab her cheeks and spread them open to make his entry easier.

With a grunt, he popped inside, sinking a third of his cock inside her in one go, and Laura made a high-pitched noise, hands falling on the bed and fisting in the covers.

“Oh fuck!” she gasped.

He didn’t ask if it was too much. She would have let him know.

“Does it feel big?” he asked instead, gritting his teeth as he tried to get used to the tightness.

“Ff – fuh. Fucking. Huge,” she managed between gasps. “Go – go all the way.”

He already had the same idea. He grabbed her by the hips and pushed.

If he hadn’t been so worn out already, the sight of his cock slowly disappearing between Laura’s perfect buttocks and stretching her little hole so incredibly wide around it would have made him come already, he was sure of it.

And if that didn’t do it – the sensation of bottoming out, of ramming his hips against her, would.

Sweating and panting, he began to pull back. Laura’s body rocked as he slid back and forth. She was still far too tight to let him thrust properly, and her hole clung to him with every movement. He wasn’t sure if she was moving deliberately or if it was his cock making her lean forward when he pushed and push back when he pulled.

They both moaned as he reached around and grabbed her cock with both hands, one around the tip, the other around the base, fingers slipping in underneath to finally tease her clit – and this time she whimpered and trembled and did nothing to stop him.

Every stroke of her cock and flick of her clit made her clamp down on his shaft, hard enough that it almost hurt. Hard, but not hard enough to stop him from moving, coated in a quarter bottle of lube, slowly easing his aching shaft in and out of her twitching hole.

Her cock throbbed, and her clit along with it, stiff and sensitive. Her ass sucked at him every time he pulled back, yielded reluctantly every time he pushed in.

Even now, he couldn’t last long. But Laura, once more filled and fucked, with cock and clit both trembling under his touch, lasted shorter still.

Before long she curled down towards the mattress, growling, clamping down on his cock as her own twitched in his grip and spurted noisily down into the bed, drops of hot cum spattering her body and his hands and arms.

He continued for as long as he could before, towards the end of her orgasm, he joined her and had to let go, putting both hands on the soaked mattress to steady himself as he rocked his cock as deep as he could, each thrust accompanied by a hard twitch and a spurt of his own cum inside her, filling her as she had filled him before.

They collapsed on their sides, still connected, and lay panting for several minutes before they managed to part, both shaking at the stimulation to their oversensitive bodies. Laura’s bun had come undone as she rolled and the pin fell away, letting the dark hair spill down over her shoulders the way he was used to.

They pulled away from the mess they had made and sat with their legs over the side of the bed, still breathing hard – well, Chris was breathing hard, at any rate; Laura, as always, was Laura.

He put a hand on her leg.

“Could have done a lot worse… for a first date… right?” he managed.

Laura nodded.

“It was acceptable,” she said, with a smile. “But I believe more practice will be necessary.”

He chuckled, and she leaned her head on his shoulder, and he leaned his on top of hers.

And then someone applauded – a slow clapping, not very hard but sounding very loud.

Chris jumped as Laura straightened up, claws flashing from her hands with an audible snikt – but he had instinctively fisted his hands as well, ready to take on whatever intruder might be lurking.

A small figure sat up behind one of the other beds, a pair of familiar pink sunglasses perched on a mop of black hair, and brushed herself off.

“About damn time,” Jubilee remarked.

“Jubilee!” Laura exclaimed, voice raised half in surprise and half in anger. But she couldn’t get any further than that.

Jubilee was covered in glitter. Every bit of bare skin sparkled as the light fell on her, and little glittering flakes were falling off her with every movement.

“You… You sparkle,” Laura stated. Jubilee shrugged.

“I’m a vampire,” she said. “Duh.”

Chris, too, had been upset at the intrusion, and even more at the realization that she had been watching, spying on them through the entire thing. But now he couldn’t even get angry. The scene was too surreal. He had just had Laura Kinney fuck him in the ass and returned the favour, and now there was a sparkling vampire applauding the performance. It was baffling.

For a good while Laura simply stared, mouth hanging open, eyebrows twitching, seeming uncertain if they wanted to frown or not. In the end, she covered her face with both hands and began to laugh.

She sounded nice when she laughed, and he realized that it was the first time he heard more of it than the small, nearly hidden noises she had made earlier. Jubilee raised her eyebrows and tilted her head to the side, then sighed theatrically.

“Great. I broke her.”

Laura fell over on her side, curling into a little ball shaking with mirth.

Jubilee hopped over her bed and invited herself onto Laura’s, where she eased herself in between Chris and Laura, draping an arm around his shoulders and putting her other hand on Laura’s shaking back.

“I had to stick around, you know? ‘Cause if you two fucked this up, someone was going to have to kick your asses,” she said, seemingly fully aware that that wasn’t a very good excuse at all.

Chris opened his mouth, but what could he actually say? It wasn’t as if he could yell at her for getting him laid. He just sighed instead.

“Under the circumstances,” he said, “we should probably thank you.”

She smiled widely.

“Hey, if you wanna repay me, just invite me along the next time. I have a ton of ideas.”

Even with a glittering Jubilee grinning at him with a mouth full of sharp, pointy fangs under glowing red eyes, that did not sound nearly as worrying as it should have.