About this commission

This was my first story commission and it contains the genesis of the Wingbat character. However, it started out as a simple smut-focused story of Laura Kinney secretly being a futa and Jubilee finding out and taking it upon herself to show Laura that her little secret is nothing to be ashamed of, the result being lots of over-the-top action full of huge cocks, cum inflation and autofellatio.

The author, 437411, wrote a fantastic Jubilee, though, and even though he didn’t know X-23 prior to working on this commission, he also nailed her voice and the chemistry between the two of them. So I wanted more and decided to introduce a third character, a love interest for Laura, and turned Jubilee into matchmaker. And that’s how Chris “Wingbat” Aangher came into being.

The story may have started out as a simple futa porn ditty, but I’m actually quite proud of what it turned into. The idea that Laura had received some extra equipment due to a hiccup in the process of being cloned from a man didn’t seem too farfetched, and it really added an interesting reason for her social awkwardness, reclusive behavior and poor self-image. The story also includes what I consider some of my best ideas, such as the part where Mystique impersonates Laura with one important mistake, leading to Laura’s insecurities coming to a boil.

What I think really makes the story shine, though, is the way 437411 writes the characters. Forget the smut; I can read some of the dialog scenes between Laura and Jubilee over and over and never get tired of them. They’re funny, endearing, just perfect.

One interesting question after introducing Wingbat was how far to take the male+futa dynamic. I was unsure, but in the end the author’s opinion that if we were going to do this, we should go all the way and pull out all the stops, tipped the scales and while it was pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone, it meant that Wingbat would…well, you’ll just have to read the story to find out what he and Laura get up to.

Author: 437411 [ Hentai Foundry | Patreon ]