About this commission

Anotherartistmore did a piece of SFW fanart of X-23 that I really love, a pic where she’s looking really beautiful and badass. When I saw that he did NSFW art as well, I got in touch to see if he’d be interested in doing a naughty pic where he recaptured that badass attitude of Laura’s while having fun with Wingbat. I sent him a few pose suggestions and he chose this one. I should mention that the reference was a solo female pinup, so the male character was entirely added by him based on a loose text description of his pose.

Needless to say, the result blew me away. Not only did he draw a beautiful and badass Laura, but he did my favorite rendition of Wingbat to date. I mean, seriously, look at that upper body. I’m not alone in feeling this way either; when the pic was posted to Hentai Foundry, there were actually several comments about his hotness, which was pretty much a first.

My absolute favorite part of the image is their eyes. Anotherartistmore captured something in them that draws you in and makes the picture so compelling. It’s as if you, a mere human, walked in on these beautiful and powerful superhuman mutants, these earthbound angels, engaging in carnal pleasure. Like the art buyers checking out the painting of Kramer in that Seinfeld episode, I can’t look away.

The artist also created a SFW solo pinup version of Laura, included above.

Artist: anotherartistmore [ Hentai Foundry ]

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