About this commission

InCase is one of my absolute favorite artists so when he opened a commission silent auction thing I decided to go balls dee-, I mean, balls out. So I wrote out the idea for this foursome with three Lauras. It’s actually one of my most detailed requests; often I just let the artist do their thing but here I had to write up a concept that would appeal to InCase enough for him to choose my commission among 100+ submissions. So pretty much everything here was born in my head; from each girl’s pose to setting it in a Western-style whorehouse that smells of rich mahogany and Sex Panther.

As for having three Lauras; the idea is that since she was cloned, what’s to say the Facility stopped at one? Actually, they didn’t as Laura destroys a number of other vat-born clones in the comics at one point, so let me rephrase: what’s to say no other clones survived? And if you have a bunch of X-23 clones and you don’t run a weapons facility, what better way to put them to use than create a brothel named “XXX-23, the House of Laura”?

Artist: InCase [ Hentai Foundry | Tumblr | Patreon ]

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