About this commission

Second commission from Jodsy and once again I wanted something sweet and intimate and asked for eye contact and passion but left the rest pretty much up to him. After a few hours of trying and tossing out ideas for poses, he sent me the rough sketch that became this pic along with the following text that explains the thought process that went into creating this image:

“What is the key element to show strong relationship? Yes, holding hands! Only this small detail by itself shows strong connection and trust between them. So I have added this small detail into the piece.
What about passion? Here comes eye contact and that touch of the lips with her thumb. Also I made her hair fall only from one side creating this ‘curtain’ that gives them some privacy.
His left arm gently holding her waist.
Room should be romantically lit divided by light. Behind them will be more dim and faint light, where they will be lighted by more saturated and hot colors. That will further support the idea of privacy and strongly connected couple.”

Mission accomplished, I’d say!

Artist: Jodsy [ Hentai Foundry | Tumblr ]