About this commission

Mitao is one third of a group of female hentai artists that collectively call themselves the “ohayougirls”. I first came across their Pixiv page and was blown away by the quality of the art. They were pretty new to NSFW art so there weren’t that many pieces on display but the examples of Mitao’s work really caught my eye. My favorite was probably the tiny sushi girl getting penetrated by a chopstick and when I got in touch to discuss a commission, Mitao quickly latched on to my suggestion of doing a size difference pic where Wingbat has used his mutant power to grow large. You know, for Laura’s pleasure.

The Danger Room was one of my location suggestions, but the rest is pretty much all Mitao as I gave her freedom to come up with something awesome. And she did. The Danger Room makes sense given the massive size she decided to give Wingbat and the addition of those little floating robot things that seem to be monitoring things with their red laser beams was the cherry on top of this gorgeously rendered cake.

Artist: Mitao (ohayougirls) [ Hentai Foundry | Tumblr | Patreon ]