About this commission

I’ve always enjoyed the volume of X-Force that featured X-23 with stunning painted artwork by Clayton Crain. I wanted to commission a piece that captured some of the dark, bloodsoaked atmosphere of those books and thought Vempire would be a perfect choice for it as he does some really beautiful paintings full of atmospheric background detail.

My concept was that Wingbat was a member of X-Force along with X-23 and that they get naughty on a battlefield after fighting the Purifiers. It would be weird if it came across like they got horny from killing, though, so I commissioned two pieces; first a picture that shows them embracing after the fight and then a second picture showing them having fun. The idea being that they’re relieved the both of them survived the battle unharmed, they’ve just removed the eye masks (you can see Laura’s in her hand) and are hugging/kissing, and then hormones and adrenaline takes over and things spin out of control.

I suggested that Vempire could create an X-Force uniform for Wingbat and showed him the uniform designs of Wolverine and Warpath as inspiration, and he came up with this sweet design.

Even though I really like the look of Laura’s X-Force uniform, this is actually the first piece of smutty art I’ve commissioned featuring it. I should definitely specify this uniform more often.

The second pic in the series can be seen here.

Artist: Vempire [ Hentai Foundry | DeviantArt ]

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