About this commission

The idea behind this pic was to base a scene on the famous cover of X-23: Target X #2 where Laura is seen modeling an outfit she’s picked out from the wardrobe in her cousin’s closet. It’s probably the first time she’s been able to pick out her own outfit as she’s recently escaped from the Weapon X facility, and whether you see her choice of corset and miniskirt to wear to school as amusing or fanservice-y, there’s no denying that the outfit has become something of an iconic look for Laura in fanart.

I gave Vintem a copy of the cover and he recreated the room and outfit as faithfully as possible. The one exception is the posters on the wall, where Vintem had the idea to insert some of my previous commissions. I suppose it would be a bit weird for Laura’s cousin to have posters like that on her wall, but Vintem probably thought it was Laura’s room when he suggested it and I thought the idea was fun enough to screw logic.

Artist: Vintem [ Hentai Foundry | Tumblr | Patreon ]