About this commission

This is the first of several pics I’ve commissioned from Vintem. I gave him some options of different iconic X-Men locations and this is a take on the X-Jet or a similar plane.

I also allowed Vintem to choose a mutant power for Wingbat in this pic, and he went with a sort of telepathy/telekinesis power. At first he drew Wingbat using some sort of mindcontrol on Laura, but I wasn’t that comfortable with that as it was leaning too much towards dub-con, so we changed it to playfully restraining her with telekinetic forcefields or something of the kind. Vintem also added a variant where Wingbat had “power tattoos”, glowing markings that light up when he uses his power.

Artist: Vintem [ Hentai Foundry | Tumblr | Patreon ]